Bayou Sorrell Has Been Different Than Past Years But Still Good On Bass

Bayou Sorrell Has Been Different Than Past Years But Still Good On Bass

I went Tuesday water was up slightly higher than I like, but I caught my enough bass and kept 5. I went Friday and I caught slightly bigger bass and only kept four. The reason why I kept little ones I used a Rebel wee r and good thing catches fish. Bad thing about rebel wee r is that the bass choke it down to point it basically kills them. I tried bandit 1000 series smaller bandit that silent did well, rebel wee r, and 100 series bandit, bagley 1” crankbaits in shad color that was ticket. Found all bass off points or runouts.  Back of dead ends you can catch all the gar you want on crankbait, but not gar guy.

Now I did try my frog areas and they were full of scaliat I was disappointed looks like sharp points is the ticket. 1st pic Tuesday – smaller but had keep a few that Rebel wee R get caught in back of throat of bass.  Bass were hitting 1” small shad due to stomachs were full and all these bass came off same point.

JSchexnaider - Bayou Sorrell2

Friday surprised I caught anything my trolling battery went out and crank go to point fish it with paddle to steer boat and move to next point
2nd pic Friday- rebel wee r got best hit off points in shad color
3rd pic Friday- stomach of bass shows crayfish still in tact same size as rebel crayfish crankbait in dark red

JSchexnaider - Bayou Sorrell1 JSchexnaider - Bayou Sorrell3

I am pretty much done with spillway. Once I get my battery charger in this time I went with a Dual Pro I will start crankbait and Carolina rig deep for old river bass. Sometimes old river I go to flats to North with stumps in water that go out far and bump bigger crankbaits off stump just got to watch it.

 James Schexnaider

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