FISHING LOG – Ron Aime, Caesar Garcia

The weather started kind of gloomy, but it picked up. Can’t say the same for
the fish. Evidently, they only respond to live shrimp bait. We only use
artificial. Ron’s depth finder didn’t work and that put a crimp in our travel
plans. Then we tilted the motor up and it wouldn’t go back down. We finally
got that corrected and left the area. Not much for fish, but a good fishing
day. We will probably try the Sulfur Mine next. Not too keen on Delacroix.



DATE: Wednesday, 12 Nov 2014
FISHING BUDDY: Ron Aime, Caesar Garcia
LOCATION: Delacroix/Four Horse Lake
LAUNCH: Sweetwater Marina
MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous (Rise 10:18 pm Set: 11:10 am)
TIDE(HIGH/LOW/RANGE): Gardner Island (High: 1:04 am Low: 12:59 pm Rg: 1.53’)
RIVER STAGE: 3.8 @ New Orleans – Falling
FORECAST/Winds: Hi: 66° F Lo: 49° F 10 mph N
Barometric Pressure 29.95 and Steady @ St. Bernard
Water TEMP: Start: 65° End: 70°
Coastal Waters Forecast: North winds 15 to 20 knots. Waves 2 to 4 feet dominant period
2 seconds. Slight chance of showers through the day.
WATER DEPTH: 2’ – 12’
LURES/BAIT USED: Black/Char, Limetreuse
SUNRISE/SUNSET: 6:19 am/5:03 pm
TOTAL CATCH: 3 Specs, 5 Reds
LARGEST FISH: 15” Spec, 27” Red
HOURS FISHED: 06:45 – 12:30
06:45 – 12:15 Four Horse Lake
& Twin Pipeline
3 Specs (15”), 5 Reds (27”)

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