Paradise Louisiana Welcomes Pro-Drive

Paradise Louisiana welcomes Pro-Drive as a sponsor of the show, and the Louisiana Outdoors.


It was with great pleasure that Pro-Drive brought to you the first ever “Shallow Water Outboard” designed not only for ease of operation while hunting and fishing, but for commercial purposes as well. Pro-Drive is very proud to have been the first in the industry to bring you a shallow water motor with the following features:

    • Surface Drive Propeller
    • Neutral
    • A Gear Driven Lower Unit
    • A Reduced Propeller to Engine RPM Ratio
    • Hydraulic Power Trim for instant on the fly adjustment
    • A Twist Grip Throttle Control which Eliminates The Need of a Cable
    • Ease of Operating from a Seated or Standing Position
    • Units with Remote Steering & Power Trim Capabilities


Thanks to Pro-Drive for sponsoring Paradise Louisiana and the Louisiana Outdoors.

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