Southwest Bassmasters- Denham Springs Club March Tournament, 2014 Tournament Results

Southwest Bassmasters- Denham Springs Club March Tournament, 2014 Tournament Results

Bob’s Bayou Black Marina- Bayou Black, Saturday March 22, 2014

The Jr. Southwest Bassmasters-Denham Springs, youth club held their March tournament Saturday on a cool,spring time morning. These young anglers were ready and chompin’ at the bit. Tournament hours were safe daylight to 3:00p.m, with weigh-in at the “Bob’s Bayou Black Marina”.

Twenty young fishermen and their parent/guardians participated. All but five of the Jr. Bassmasters weighed in fish in the tournament. Seventy-Six Bass were weighed in and 100% were released Alive to Fight Again”

The results are as follows:

15-18 yr Age Group:
1st. Place, Dillon King, Denham Springs, La. 13.774# (5-Bass)
2nd. Place, Taylor Clark, Praireville, La., 12.49# (5-Bass)
3rd. Place, Alex Heintze, Denham Springs, La., 9.88# (5-Bass)
Big Bass, Taylor Clark, Praireville, La. 4.74#

11-14 yr. Age Group:
1st. Place, Hanson Chaney, Walker, La. 11.22# (5-Bass)
2nd. Place, Justin Watts, Denham Springs, La., 7.79# (4-Bass)
3rd. Place, JJ Nerlson III, Denham Springs, La., 2.52# (3-Bass)
Big Bass, Hanson Chaney, Walker, La. 3.64#

7-10 yr. Age Group
1st. Place, Jackson Landry, Baton Rouge, La. 4.39# (4-Bass)
2nd. Place, Caden Sellers, Denham Springs, La. 1.61#, (1-Bass)
3rd. Place, Wyatt Campbell, Baker, La. 0.89# (1-Bass)
Big Bass, Caden Sellers, Denham Springs, La., 1.61#

Adult Division
1st. Place. John Chaney, Walker, La. 15.18# (5-Bass)
2nd. Place, Brett Sellers, Denham Springs, La. 15.17# (5-Bass)
3rd. Place, Desi Clark, Praireville, La., 12.49# (5-bass)
Big Bass , Brett Sellers, Denham Springs La., 4.45#

For information on the Jr. Southwest Bassmasters- Denham Springs youth club, Contact:
Cindy Breaux, 225-772-3025 or Jim Breaux, 225-772-3026

Alex Heintze- 3rd. Place, 15-18 Yr. Age GroupCaden Sellers- 2nd Place, 7-10 Age GroupDillon King-1st. Place, 15-18 Yr. Age Group

Hanson Chaney- 1st. Place & Big Bass, 11-14 Yr. Age GroupJackson Landry- 1st. Place & Big Bass, 7-10 Age GroupJJ Nelson III- 3rd. PLace, 11-14, Yr. Age Group

Justin Watts,-2nd. PLace, 11-14 Yr. Age GroupTaylor Clark- 2nd.Place & Big Bass 15-18 Yr. Age Group

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