Tom LeBlanc Report


COMMENT: It’s hard to get Caesar to quit fishing when we have a lot of time left in the day. He wanted to go back to the camp and clean the limits we had and fish for another limit. If I was as spry as he is, I might have done it.   It sure was nice out there today and the fish are pretty much all over the place. Of course there must have been a hundred boats going in every direction. And most everyone was catching limits. We’re starting to learn the area and can get to most of the spots we want to fish. Fishing is great right now.





DATE: Tuesday-Wednesday, 8 – 9 Dec 2015
FISHING BUDDY: Caesar Garcia
LOCATION: Delacroix/Little Lake/Alligator Pass/Grand Lake
LAUNCH: Sereigne’s Marina
MOON PHASE: Waning Crescent (Rise 4:50 am Set: 4:04 pm)
TIDE(HIGH/LOW/RANGE): Gardner Island (High: 9:06 pm Low: 7:58 am Rg: 1.60’)
RIVER STAGE: 10.2 @ New Orleans – Rising
FORECAST/Winds/Rain: Hi: 73° F   Lo: 55° F 7 mph SW   0%
Barometric Pressure 30.17 and Rising @ St. Bernard
Water TEMP: Start: 62°                      End: 63°
Coastal Waters Forecast: Southwest winds 5 to 10 knots. Waves 1 foot or less dominant period 1 second.
WATER DEPTH: 2’ – 12’
LURES/BAIT USED: Black/Char, Limetreuse
SUNRISE/SUNSET: 6:41 am/4:58 pm
TOTAL CATCH: 73 Specs, 2 Bass
LARGEST FISH: 18 ½” Spec, 13” Bass
HOURS FISHED: Tuesday: 13:30 – 16:30, Wednesday: 06:45 – 10:30
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