Trista Tyler Bass Tournament Results

Trista Tyler Bass Tournament

There were a total of 83 boats in tournament. It was a good day of fishing at Red River Midway Marina. The following are the winners:

1st: Smith/Hayes with 21.27 pounds 3,000 plus 800 for big bass.
2nd: Sullivan/Hester 20.88lbs. 1500.00
3rd: Korn/Antilley 18.76lbs. 750.00
4th: Doray/Orr 18.58lbs 550.00
5th: Kennedy/Morgan 18.60lbs. 400.00
6th: Lasyone/Kent 17.98lbs. 300.0
7th: Hrapmen/Jenske 17.33lbs.300.00
8th: Conella/Mitchel 16.94lbs 200.00
9th: Walsworth/Mcvey 16.63lbs 150.00
10th: Chandler/Korn16.33lbs150.00
11th: Wiley/Nelson 16.19lbs 100.00.





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